STYLE: Jazz, Latin Jazz, Jazz contemporaneo, Bossa Nova


Alberto Negroni was born in 1952 in Treviso, Italy. From the age of 14, he started to perform live in local clubs with local bands. This was during the beat atmosphere of the 60s.


Alberto came back to Hollywood in 1981 and attended the "M.I. Guitar Institute of Technology", a school for professional musicians.

Some of his teachers at this school were Joe Diorio, Pat Martino, Joe Pass.


In the years to follow he collaborates with several Italian and foreign musicians in Europe and United States.


In recent time he has participated to numerous festivals between which

"Notti jazz a Padova", "Ferragosto in jazz" a Treviso, "Veneto jazz Festival", "Tributo a Eddy Busnello", "Santa Barbara International Jazz Festival"

"Di Nota In Nota" Sala dei Giganti Padova ,”Treviso Rockin’ Blues 2004”.

After 1995, Negroni again divided his time between Italy and Southern California performing in clubs, theaters and recording sessions.

Last recording sessions:

-"GUITARLAND" - 1999 - Massimo Scatolin: classica, Bruno Gennaro: flamenco, Stefano Scutari: samba e bossa nova, Alberto Negroni: jazz, Tolo Marton: country blues, Luciano Bottos:fusion.

- Peter Clark : "FULL CIRCLE"- 2001- Santa Barbara (Calif.)
- Peter Clark : "JAZZ APPEARING TONITE" -  2001 - Santa Barbara (Calif.)

- Lesli Lembo : "NOTHING RHYMES WITH ORANGE" -  Santa Barbara (Calif.)

- Alberto Negroni, Paolo Andriolo, Massimo Manzi : "TRES PALABRAS"- 2002- Treviso

- Alberto Negroni, Peter Clark : "TREVISO SANTA BARBARA"- 2003 -

Santa Barbaraa (Calif.)